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Aeris Basic 2.0 Change History

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Version Released Highlights
2.0.000 1/22/2014 New CMS-1500 02-12
User-Selectable Screen Fonts
Ready for ICD-10
Patient and Subscriber Generation (Jr., Sr., etc.) on Claims
New Startup Menu (Access to Utilities)
Program Security
2.0.001 3/29/2014

Insurance Payments Create Active Payment
Viewing Insurance Payments Doesn't Show Details
CMS-1500 02-12 Diagnosis Codes Printed Incorrectly
CMS-1500 02-12 Diagnosis Code Pointers Were Numeric
Electronic Claim File Viewer Fixed
Plain Paper Claims Secondary Insurace Fields Were Incorrect

2.0.002 6/16/2014 Incorrect screen formatting hid or overlapped text.
New Carrier option hides or shows the period in claim diagnosis codes
2.0.003 10/1/2015 CMS-1500 authorization field was filled incorrectly.
Incorrect servicces seleccted for claims in batch mode.
Patient list formatted incorrectly.
Practice diagnosis source not set correctly when importing data.
2.0.004 3/3/2014 Several corrections were made to the DOS data import.