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Medical/Mental Health Related

The following are links we find useful and/or important.
ET&T (Electronic Translations and Transmittals Corporation) is an electronic claims clearing house. We recommend ET&T to our customers for its reasonable costs and ease of use.
EClaims is another electronic claims clearing house that many of our customers use.
The National Psychologist is an independent bi-monthly newspaper intended to keep behavioral healthcare professionals informed about practice issues.
Washington Publishing Company publishes HIPAA implementation guides, transaction specifications, and other HIPAA-related information and software products.


Site Related

The following links relate to the technical aspects of this site itself, not the actual content.
The WaveLive template from "Free CSS Templates" was the inspiration for the design of this site. While we borrowed liberally, it was only a starting point, albeit a good one.
The Aeris web site is hosted by 1&1 Internet, Inc.


Other "Aeris" Links

The following are other sites and companies with name that include the word Aeris. These companies and sites have no relationship to Beaver Creek Software or our Aeris software products. We just thought it polite to direct you to their sites in case our site is not what you are looking for. The descriptions are from their web sites.
"While Aeris Enterprises provides IT consulting services typical of larger consulting firms, we are not a large firm ourselves. Our relatively small company is based on a personal commitment to our client's success."
"Aeris Therapeutics, Inc. is a specialty bio-pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative therapies that improve the lives of patients with lung disease."
"Aeris Corporation is the leading Air Caster and Air Jack Manufacturer utilizing advance Air Film Technology to make heavy equipment and machinery moves ranging from 200 pounds to 5000 tons easy, safe and economical."
"Aeris operates North America's largest wireless network service, developed exclusively to deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications to millions of devices, billions of times a year."
"[Aeris is] proud to offer a complete range of innovative and feature-rich SCUBA and snorkeling equipment."
"Aeris Calendar is a full-featured desktop calendar with integrated weather forecasts."
"Take control of your electric meter with the new Skystream 3.7 wind appliance – even make your meter run backwards!"
"Welcome to Aeris Designs, a full-service web design company. We specialize in high-end internet solutions for small businesses at an affordable price."
"Aeris Environmental is an integrated environmental services and technology company delivering energy savings, improved efficiency and healthier indoor air to its international customers."