Making Medical Billing Simple

Aeris Options

You can extend Aeris by adding practices, additional network users, and secondary installations. Refer to the price list to get prices for these options.

Additional Practices

In Aeris, a practice is a set of data files which are stored separately from the data files of other practices. There is no mixing of patients or providers from one practice to another. This is especially useful for billing services.

Many multi-provider groups also find it desirable to isolate their data. This allows groups of providers who may share facilities, office staff, and billing software but wish to keep their own patient, clinical, and financial data separate and secure from other providers.

Separate practices are needed if you have multiple statement billing addresses. Each practice can have as many providers as you wish at no additional cost.

The first practice license is included with the program. The price per added practice decreases as more practices are purchased. See the price list for current license prices.

Network User Licenses

Aeris uses a "Concurrent User" structure for network user licenses. Concurrent users are the number of users accessing the program at one time. This is much less costly than schemes that force yout to purchase a network license for every individual user who might ever use the program.

Aeris comes with a single-user license. With this, you can install and run the program on any number of computers on one network but only one user at a time can run the program.

When you purchase additional network user licenses you can still install and run the program on any number of computers on one network but the program will allow only the number of licenses purchased to run at any given time.

Additional Installations

Your license agreement to use Aeris allows you to install Aeris on one computer or network (including networked workstation computers). If you wish to install Aeris on additional stand-alone or unconnected network computers, you must purchase additional installation licenses.

Installation Licenses

Installation licenses allow you to run Aeris on multiple, non-networked computers at a special price which is considerably lower than purchasing additional full price licenses. To be eligible for the special price, the installation must use the same data set (backed up from the primary installation and restored to the secondary installation). If you need to use a different data set on the secondary installation, you must purchase an additional full license. See the price list for current license prices.

Multiple Offices

If your practice has multiple offices and you want to run Aeris separately at each office, you need to purchase a separate full license for each office. If these offices are connected by a computer network and you are keeping a single set of data accessed by all computers on the network, you only need to purchase one copy of Aeris. You would then purchase as many network user licenses as necessary.