Activation File

Activation File


From several places in Aeris, you are asked for either a code or an activation file. Either the requested code or a valid activation file will serve the same purpose because the same information is encoded in each.


When you click the button to select an activation file, you get a screen similar to the following.



This is a standard Windows file lookup screen so it may look different depending on your version of Windows. In the sample screen above, it is looking at drive N: which you can tell by looking at the top box labeled Look in. In this case drive N: is a flash drive (sometimes called a thumb drive, USB drive, memory stick, etc.). Look in is a drop-list that lets you select any valid drive or other location on your computer.


Your activation file will be named Activate [#####].bcs where ##### is your customer number.


You can also use the other methods of navigating to wherever you saved your activation file. When you find it, highlight it and click the Open button.



NOTE:   You may be sent additional activation files at different times and for differing purposes. An activation file created for one purpose may not work for another. Additionally, activation files have a built-in expiration date and will no longer work after that date.