Service Adjustments

Service Adjustments


Services and starting balances are almost identical with respect to their financial component. They both have two types of adjustments that you can make. First are the insurance write-off adjustments entered directly on the service or starting balance record. These write-off adjustments are always negative and reduce the net amount owed. Write-off adjustments are an integral part of the service or starting balance record in which they are entered. They are used most often to indicate an amount that a provider is contractually obligated to write-off and cannot be charged to the patient.


The other kind of service and starting balance adjustments are entered via an Adjustments List button next to the non-editable adjustment field. This type of adjustment is not a part of the service or starting balance record but is attached to it. This lets you enter an arbitrary number of adjustments to any service or starting balance.



These adjustment is dated and can either increase or decrease the net service charge. Additionally, on each adjustment, you can also enter a comment to print on statements and a note for your own use. You can enter as many adjustments to this list as you wish.




The date will be entered automatically from the program's Working Date. You can change it as necessary.



The Amount field interacts with the two radio buttons on the right. When a negative amount is entered as in the sample screen above, the Decrease service balance button will be selected. Conversely, when a positive amount is entered the Increase service balance button is selected. You can make the amount positive or negative by selecting the appropriate radio button.


Statement Note

This entry, as its name implies, will be printed on patient statements.


Private Notes

These notes are for your information only and are not printed on any reports.



IMPORTANT:   For reporting purposes, insurance write-off adjustments are treated as if the adjustment date is the date of the service. In other words, a service in January with an adjustment entered in February is included only on reports for January.