There are three kinds of billing in Aeris Basic:   patient statements, CMS-1500 insurance claims, and plain paper insurance claims.


Patient statements are conceptually straightforward, show the charges, payments, and adjustments and present the total amount owed or the credit amount. In practice, it's a little more involved, but the patient's view is simple.


CMS-1500 claims come in two flavors, batch claims and single patient claims. Batch claims are printed via the Billing menu (Billing > CMS-1500 Claims) while single patient claims are printed from the Print button on the patient list. Patients and services on Batch claims are selected according to the batch claim options and a set of internal rules. Single patient claims are for the currently selected patient and you select the services to include yourself.


Single and batch CMS-1500 claims are further divided into printed and electronic claims. Generating electronic "Print Image" claims is a simple option when printing claims. If you "Print" to a preview rather than to a printer while generating an electronic claim file, no paper claim will be printed.


Plain paper claims are a different kind of beast. The plain paper claim format was designed to bridge the gap between CMS-1500 and patient statements. It is a format that, so far as we know, is not one you can use to submit claims to payers. Rather, this format is designed to be given to patients when you don't bill insurance directly and require that patients submit their own claims. Statements are not sufficient to this purpose because they do not have the necessary information. Providing a plain paper claim to your patients will make their lives just a little bit better.


Like the CMS-1500 claims, you can print single patient plain paper claims and batch plain paper claims from the Print button patient lists and the Billing menu respectively.