Review Patient Claims

Review Patient Claims


You can review all of the claims you have generated for the highlighted patient by clicking the Claims button at the bottom of the Insurance tab on the patient list. In order for claims to appear on the list, you must check the Mark claims as billed box when you generate your claims.



This list is an expandable tree, much like Window Explorer. To expand a level, click on the plus. The plus becomes a minus when the level expands. If there is nothing to expand, the plus and minus disappear. Click on the minus sign to contract that branch. You can also use the gray + and – keys on your keyboard's number pad to expand and contract respectively. You can expand all levels at once by pressing the Expand All button shown on the left.


Tree lists work differently than other lists in that they have to read all records in the level being expanded. Other lists only read the number of records shown on the page. Because of this difference, expanding all levels can take several seconds. Similarly, you can contract all levels at once by pressing the Contract All button shown on the left.


You cannot directly add records to the list of claims or edit them. You can, however, delete records in case you printed a test batch but didn't submit them and don't want the test to appear here.

The first level just shows the patient name. The second level is the patient's insurance that was billed. The relationship to the insured is shown in parentheses next to the insurance carrier name. The third level is the batch, sorted with the most recent batch on top. The fourth and final level is the service that was included on the claim.


A similar screen lets you see claim batches for all patients.