Patient List

Patient List


The patient list is the Grand Central Station of Aeris Basic. This is where you will go to do most of your daily tasks.


The patient list screen is resizable but it's usually best to maximize it within the program itself and then maximize the program. This gives you the maximum amount of information on the screen at one time.


The main part of the screen is the patient list itself. Tabs on the top left of the list let you sort the list by patient name (last name, first name) or by patient ID.




Immediately below the tabs is a drop-list used to limit the list to the patients of a single provider or to show all patients.




Click anywhere in the dropdown list to select a provider.


At the top right of the list is a single check box labeled Show Inactives. In Aeris you can make patients inactive if you are not currently seeing them. This keeps all of their information in the program but removes them from the active list. To show the inactive patients, place a check in the Show Inactives check box.


You can set a "Warning" on patient records and if this is set, the patient shows on the list with a rose colored background.


At the bottom of the list is a row of buttons. Clicking the Print button opens a popup menu for printing bills and reports for the selected patient. The other buttons below the patient list let you add, change, delete, and view a patient record respectively. If you click a patient with the right mouse button, you get a popup menu that mimics these buttons. The print button popup menu becomes a submenu of the right-click menu.


The right side of the screen is a fixed width area with three tabs along the bottom of the screen. See the following for descriptions of these tabs:


        Patient Information




Along the bottom of all three of these tabs is a block showing the patient's account balances:



The top line shows the date of the last statement and the balances as of when the statement was printed. Despite the fact that statements show only the patient balance, an insurance balance is calculated and stored.