CMS-1500 Reference Manual

CMS-1500 Reference Manual


The reference instruction manual for the CMS-1500 was created by   the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) in cooperation with the American Medical Association (AMA). It is a good reference on how to complete the form but must be considered only semi-official in that there is no regulatory requirement that it's guidelines be followed. Payers can, and often do, have requirements that contradict this document and you have to follow your payer's guidelines if you want your claims to be accepted.


The document is supplied as an Adobe Acrobat® file named CMS1500.pdf and placed in the Aeris Basic program folder. If you installed the program in the suggested location, the document can be found in:


        c:\Program Files\Beaver Creek Software\Aeris Basic


If this is where Aeris Basic is installed, you can view the document now by clicking this reference: CMS-1500 Reference Manual


You can also view the document from within Aeris from the Help menu:


        Help > Other Documents > CMS-1500 Reference Manual