Clear User Login

Clear User Login


Aeris keeps track of the number and identity of users logged in to the program and uses that information to prevent a user from logging in twice and to limit the number of logged-in users. When a user logs out or closes the program, it removes them from the list of users who are logged in. However, if the program closes abnormally, it cannot remove the user from the list and this can cause problems when a user tries to log in.


This function lets you clear a user who is listed but not actually logged-in. When you select this option on the menu, one of two things will happen. If no users are logged in, you will get a message letting you know that. If one or more users are logged in, you will get a list of users currently logged in. The list shows the user name and the last time Aeris recorded them as being active.



Clear User

To clear a user, simply highlight the user on the list and click the Clear User button. A setting on the bottom right corner of the screen lets you set the number of seconds for this list to be refreshed. If you clear a user who is actually logged in, their name will reappear on the list because Aeris records them every 60 seconds.


Refresh List

This is the number of seconds the program waits before refreshing the list. Aeris updates its login records in the database every 60 seconds but this is the refresh setting for this screen.