Codes Module

Codes Module


Aeris Basic does not include a lists of procedure and diagnosis codes. You can either enter your own codes or you can purchase the Codes Module which contains the entire list of almost 16,000 procedure codes and nearly 14,000 diagnosis codes. The Codes Module is updated yearly as new codes are added, some old ones removed, and some are redefined. See the price list on our web site, www.AerisMed.com, for prices.


When you install the codes module, you first select a .cuf (Codes Update File) file containing the codes for a particular year. This is a file named Code####.cuf where #### is the calendar year for which the codes are current. For example, the 2008 codes are in the Code2008.cuf file. On the Windows file selection window, select the file and click Open.


You are then presented with the license agreement. Read the license, it is a legal agreement that binds you to its terms. If you agree to these terms, click the I agree with these terms and conditions button and the following screen will open. If you purchased the Codes Module you will have been sent both the .cuf file and an unlock code for that file.



If you are entering the code, enter it in blocks of 5 digits. If you received the code electronically, you can copy the code to the Windows clipboard by highlighting it (and nothing more) and pressing Ctrl+C. You can then paste the code from the clipboard by clicking the clipboard paste button immediately to the right of the access code or pressing Ctrl+V.


Once you have entered the code, click OK and the codes will be installed. The installation can take a couple of minutes and you will see a progress bar indicating the progress of the installation.