Program Preferences

Program Preferences


The program preference options affect the entire program including all practices.




This display-only field shows the name of the current license holder for Aeris Basic.



Enter a street address one or more lines. In separate fields enter the city name, state abbreviation and five or nine digit zip code. This information will be printed on the registration form.



Enter the contact person in your organization. This will be printed on the registration form.


Telephone/Fax Phone

Enter the area code and phone number for your voice line and fax. These will be printed on the registration form.



Enter your electronic mail address. This will be printed on the registration form.


Carrier Name/Address Block Position

On the CMS-1500, the carrier's name and address are printed at the top of the form. Some forms have bar codes or other information printed on the left side so this setting lets you set the left margin for the carrier block. The default is 4.50 inches from the left.


Default for patient "Signature on file for release of information"

When you add new patients, this check box field will be copied to the equivalent field on the patient record.


Default for insured "Signature on file for payment of benefits"

When you add new patient insurance, this check box field will be copied to the equivalent field on the insurance record.


Quick Backups to Maintain

The program maintains from 4 to 9 Quick Backups. The first one you make will be number 1, the next will be number 2, and so on. When the maximum number is reached, it starts over with number 1 and replaces the existing number 1 backup files. The default is to maintain 9 Quick Backups.


Include global data in Quick Backups

Check this box to make a backup of your global data when you do a Quick Backup.


Highlight required fields with a color

It is useful to know what fields on a form must be filled in order to complete the form. You can do this by using a different background and/or text color. Use the Background Color and Text Color buttons to select these colors. The Reset to Default Colors button will reset the colors to black text on a light blue background.


Print financial reports with green bars

Enable a colored background on five financial reports (Claim Aging, Income by Provider, Services by Provider, Patient Ledge, Patient Account Ledger). These bars make it easier to read the reports but may not print nicely on all printers.   Use the Green Bar Color button to select your own background color or the Reset button to restore the default light green color.


[Print Registration Form] button

Should you ever need to print the program's registration form, this is one place to do it.