Deposit Slip

Deposit Slip


With Aeris, you can print a bank-ready deposit slip. When you select Deposit Slip from the menu, you get a screen showing all un-deposited check payments.



Deposit Date

Enter the date to print on the deposit slips. It defaults to today's date but if you won't be making the deposit until another day, use the date you will be making the deposit.


Cash to Deposit

Before the screen opens, un-deposited cash payments are totaled and placed in the in the Cash to Deposit at the top of the screen. If you are depositing a different amount of cash, change this appropriately.


Payments List

When the screen opens, it shows you a list of payments that have not yet been deposited. You can click a payment to include or remove if from the deposit.


Show All Payments

This check box will let you switch the list between showing only un-deposited payments or all payments.



NOTE:   Some banks will not accept deposit slips not printed with a special magnetic ink. You can purchase this kind of ink and toner for many desktop printers.