Mailing Label Definitions

Mailing Label Definitions


Aeris Basic prints a variety of mailing labels and lets you select the type of label you will be printing onto. Several standard formats are included but you can add your own if the labels you want to use are not already listed.



Label Name

This is what ever you want to call your definition. It is not a good idea to change this for the included standard label types.



Most of the time you can leave this alone. However, if you print labels to a different printer than all of your other tasks, you can select that specific printer by pressing F2 or right-clicking in this field.


Label Type

Indicate whether labels are continuous feed or sheet feed.



Select a paper type. For non-standard sizes, specify the paper height and width. On standard paper types, this is done for you.


Top and Left Margins

Enter the margins for the page, not for individual labels. The margin is the distance from either the top or left edge of the page to the first label when there is a full sheet.


Label Size

Enter the actual size of a label. This limits where the print will fit.


Shift Label Fields

If you need to make small adjustments to where names and addresses are printed, you can use these fields. Positive numbers move the print down and right. Negative numbers move the print up and left.