Treatment Facilities

Treatment Facilities


Treatment facility information is used to fill box 32 on the CMS-1500. Aeris gives you a couple of choices on how you want to enter that information. You can enter the facility information directly in the General tab of the patient record. However, if you are entering the same information for most or all of your patients, that will get old fast.


A better way is to enter the facility into the facilities list by going to Setup > Lookup Lists > Facilities or clicking the corresponding facilities button () on the toolbar. On that list list, you can insert as many facilities as you need. Notice that your practice has been added automatically.



Name (Box 32)

Enter the facility name or whatever a payer wants on the top line of box 32.


Address 1 (Box 32)

Enter the first address line, the second line to print in box 32.


Address 2 (Box 32)

Enter the second address line, the third line to print in box 32.


NPI (Box 32a)

Enter the NPI associated with this facility.


Secondary ID (Box 32b)

The secondary ID is comprised of two fields, the qualifier code and the ID itself. The qualifier code identifies the type of ID entered. When printed these two fields will be concatenated into a single string of text with the first two characters assumed to be the qualifier.