Access Code

Access Code


Whether you purchased a license or are running an evaluation copy, eventually you will be asked for an access code. If you purchased and registered, an access code, activation file, or both should have been sent to you. If you are running an evaluation copy and need a little more time to fall in love with Aeris, you can contact customer service for a code or file that will extend your evaluation period.



NOTE:   You don't need both an access code and key code. They both do the same thing so use one or the other. However, some activation files and key codes have a built-in expiration date. If you have an old code or file, it may work fine or it may be expired. Customer service should be able to help you if your code or file has expired.


If you are entering the code, enter it in blocks of 5 digits   If you received the code electronically, you can copy the code to the Windows clipboard by highlighting it (and nothing more) and pressing Ctrl+C. You can then paste the code from the clipboard by clicking the clipboard paste button immediately to the right of the access code or pressing Ctrl+V.


To use an activation file, click the blue folder button below the code. Selecting a valid activation file will fill in the key code for you.


If you don't have either an activation file or access code, contact customer service and they can arrange for you to get one.