Unlock Code

Unlock Code


Several functions in Aeris are locked and can only be accessed with an unlock code from technical support. Because this is an interactive process, you will need to contact technical support by telephone rather than email or fax. If your only question for support is for the unlock code, you will not be charged for the call. If you ask other questions, you will be charged if you are beyond your free call period. Read out technical support policy for more information.



Support ID

This code identifies the installation of Aeris Basic on your computer. You may or may not be asked to provide it.


Security Code

This is a code that changes every time so if you leave this screen and come back, it will be different. You must provider this code to technical support. Without it, they cannot generate your unlock code.


Unlock Code

When you give your security code to technical support, they will enter it into a program that creates your unlock code. Enter the code to unlock the function you are trying to use.


If you are entering the code, enter it in blocks of 5 digits. If you received the code electronically, you can copy the code to the Windows clipboard by highlighting it (and nothing more) and pressing Ctrl+C. You can then paste the code from the clipboard by clicking the clipboard paste button immediately to the right of the access code or pressing Ctrl+V.