Patient Payments

Patient Payment


After entering the base payment information, the next step is to enter the amounts applied to each provider and how much, if any, to enter as an adjustment.



You can complete the payment at this point by clicking the OK button or pressing Enter. Actually, you could have completed the payment without even looking at the Patient's Account tab if you don't want to change anything.


If you want to apply some of the payment to a different provider, first change the amount applied to the patient's principal provider then enter the amounts for the other providers. You could enter the amounts for other providers first but you would get a warning message that you applied more than the payment amount. To avoid this message, reduce the principal provider amount before entering the amounts for the other providers. You do this by double-clicking on the provider line or highlighting the provider and clicking the Change Payment button. The amount changes to an editable field where you can directly edit the amount assigned. Pressing Enter or Tab completes the entry.


Amount Available to Apply

This display-only field shows you how much of the total payment is available to apply to this patient and other patients. If this is a new payment, this will equal the payment amount. If part of the payment was already applied to another patient, this amount will be less than the total payment amount.


Show inactive providers

In the unlikely event that you need to apply income to an inactive provider, check this box to make the inactive providers visible then enter the necessary amount for that provider.


Provider list

This list shows all active providers unless the Show inactive providers check box is checked. Then it shows all providers. Inactive providers are shown with a lighter colored text on most computers.


[Total Applied] unlabeled

The unlabeled amount at the bottom of the list is a total of the amounts that have been assigned to providers.


Statement Comment

Enter here any comment that you wish to appear on patient statements for this payment.


Adjustment Amount

There are only a few reasons for adjusting a payment. The short list includes refunding an overpayment and reversing a payment that could not be collected such as a bounced check or a credit card charge back.


Adjustment Date

Enter the adjustment date. You can press F2 or right-click to select a date from the popup calendar.


Adjustment Comment

Enter here any comment that you wish to appear on patient statements for this adjustment.


Amount Applied to this Patient's Account

This calculated field will show you how much of the payment has been applied to this patient's account.



IMPORTANT:   For reporting purposes, payment adjustments are treated as if the adjustment date is the date of the payment, even if the adjustment date is different. In other words, a payment in January with a February adjustment is included only on reports for January. This is important to understand especially with respect to provider income.