Referring Providers

Referring Providers


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Referring providers are reported in box 17 on the CMS-1500 claim form. Listing them can also be useful to your practice letting you keep track of which patients were referred by whom.



Name of Referring Provider or Other Source [Box 17]

Referring providers can be individuals or organizations (institutions). First select the type of provider then enter the name. When Individual is selected, enter the first name, middle initial, and last name. If Organization is selected, a single field is available to enter the organization's name.


Referring Provider Secondary ID [Box 17a]

This code defines what kind of referring provider secondary ID is entered in the associated ID field. You can enter a code directly or press F2 or right-click to select a valid code from a list. If you don't use an approved code here, your claims will likely be rejected.


Referring Provider NPI [Box 17b]

Enter a referring provider ID of the type indicated by the qualifier code.



Enter one or two street address lines and a city, state, and zip code. These fields are optional and for your information only.



Enter the provider's telephone number.This field is optional and for your information only.


Active provider

This box must be checked for the provider to be available for selection on patient records and on the active referring provider list.



Enter whatever notes you need for this provider. They are for your information only.



See Also:

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