Procedure Codes

Procedure Codes


Aeris Basic does not include a list of procedure codes. You can either enter your own codes or you can purchase the Codes Module which contains the entire list of almost 16,000 procedure codes and nearly 14,000 diagnosis codes.


The codes list has two tabs. The Code Order tab shows you all of the codes listed in alpha-numerical order. If you know the first couple of digits of the code, you can type it and the selector will immediately jump to the first matching code.


If you have a long list of procedure codes, especially if you use only a relatively small subset of the full list, using the Usage Order tab will show you only codes you have actually used in patient services. The most commonly used codes will be listed at the top.



Codes shown in blue are CPT codes copyrighted by the American Medical Association.


If you cannot easily locate the code you have in mind, use the Search button to let you find a code using a key word search.



On the search screen, begin typing a word and two things will happen. The word list selector will immediately jump to the closest matching word and the codes list will show you all of the codes containing that key word. Highlight the code on the right and press the Select button. The search window will close and show you the selected code highlighted in the main codes list.