Select Practice

Select Practice


In Aeris Basic, you can have one or more "Practices" plus the sample practice. In the context of the program a practice is a collection of data files kept separate from the files of other practices. Practice data files are stored in a folder with an eight digit number as the folder name. The sample practice is stored in a folder named Sample. You can see the folder name on the practices list. These folders are immediately below data folder with the global data files.


The first real practice is included with the purchase of Aeris Basic. Each additional practice is an additional charge.


To select a practice, add a new practice, or delete a practice, use the menu:


        File > Select or Add a Practice...


Or use the equivalent tool bar button:



To open a practice, highlight it and click the Select button or double-click the practice name.


To add a new practice, click the New Practice Wizard button. Only system administrators can delete a practice or add a new practice. More information about system administrators is available on the System Users screen.