Spelling Checker

Spelling Checker


On almost any text field in Aeris but especially useful in long note fields, you can press the F7 key to check the spelling of the words in that field. When the spell checker finds a word not in the dictionary it displays the screen below.



The top line shows the misspelled word. The second line is the suggested spelling and what shows here is what will replace the misspelled word if you press the Change button.

Below is a list of suggestions. If the default suggestion is not what you want, you can select a different one from the list or type your own.

If the word is valid, which can happen frequently with uncommon words that are specific to your practice, you can add the word to your user dictionary by clicking the Add button.

If you want to accept the word without changing it but don’t want to add it to the dictionary, click the Ignore button. This will happen often when the word is a person’s names, especially a last name.


NOTE:   The user dictionary is a file called myjspell. It is stored in the data folder along with your global data files so that it is available to you and to all users on a network.