System Messages

System Messages


There are numerous messages built into Aeris, though it is unlikely that you will ever see them all. They break down into two categories, message generated by Aeris and messages generated by Windows.


Messages Generated by Aeris

Messages initiated by Aeris have a number in the lower left corner of the message window. They vary in size and length of message, can have a variety of buttons, and sometimes have a check box that lets you disable that particular message in the future.


A simple example is the message screen below. It asks a single question and gives your the necessary buttons to answer it.



Also, notice the number 23 in the lower left corner of the window. If you have a problem and need to contact technical support, this message number helps them determine exactly what was happening when the problem occurred.


There are several message in Aeris that include a check box letting you hide this message in the future. These are informational message that are not needed once you are familiar with what the message is telling you.



These messages save the setting to hide the message in the user record for the logged in user. On the System User screen are a pair of buttons that let you turn back on messages you have elected to hide and to hide all messages whether you have seen them or not.


Messages Generated by Windows

Aeris has no control over messages that come from Windows or from other software. You can identify these messages because they will not have a number in the lower left corner of the window.