System Users

System Users


You can control who has access to Aeris by controlling the active users on the system user's list:


        Setup > Lookup Lists > System Users


This will give you a list of users. The Show inactive users check box will expand the list to show users you have marked as inactive. The button normally labeled "Delete" is here called "Deactivate" because you cannot delete a user from the system but you can make them inactive. The reason is simple:   deleting a user would create "orphan" records that refer to the deleted user. Besides, if a user is inactive, he or she still cannot access the program.


When you add or edit a user you get the following screen.




Enter the user's first name, middle initial, and last name. Only the first and last names are required.


User is active

This is how you make a user active or inactive.


Login Name

Enter the name this user will use to log in to Aeris. Login names are not case-sensitive but using proper case here is more readable.



If you are adding a user who is not you, you can leave the password field empty (it won't be a required when adding a user). When they log in the first time, they can enter their own password. Passwords are not case-sensitive.


Security Type

Indicate if this is a


Here is a list of the things a System Administrator can do that a normal user cannot:



Edit the program preferences


View or edit system users in addition to themselves


Add a new practice or delete an existing practice


Delete a provider


Restore a backup


Access the File Manager in the Administrator Utility


Disable Aeris Basic in the Administrator Utility


Change a patient ID if automatically assigning IDs


[Enable All Optional Messages] button

[Disable All Optional Messages] button

There are several message in Aeris that include a check box saying Do not show this message in the future. When you check the box and close the message, you will never see that message again unless you click this Enable button. Similarly, you can hide all of the optional messages by clicking the Disable button.