Non-Service Charges

Non-Service Charges


Non-service charges are like services in that they add amounts to the patient balance. Unlike a service, however, there is no clinical component. Starting balances are similar in that they have no clinical component but they are used to initialize a patient's account whereas a non-service charge can be used any time.


Another difference between services and non-service charges is that non-service charges are applied only to the patient portion of their overall account debt. There is no way to apply an insurance payment to a non-service charge. In a way, they are like an adjustment to the patient's account except that they can only add to the patient's debt, not relieve it.



The first three fields are for answering the questions when, how much, and why.



Enter the date of the charge. You can press F2 or right-click to select a date from the popup calendar.



Enter the charge amount.



Enter a description of the charge, what it was for and why there is a charge. All this in only 50 characters. This comment will be printed on patient statements.


You can enter an adjustment to a non-service charge. Like insurance write-offs on services, the adjustment is part of the non-service charge record and can be used only to reduce the charge amount. Aeris does not limit your reasons for an adjustment to non-service charges but it does limit the adjustment to the amount of the charge.


Adjustment Amount

Enter the amount of the adjustment. You cannot enter an amount larger than the charge.


Adjusted Amount

This display-only field shows how much of a charge remains after the adjustment.


Adjustment Date

Enter the date of the adjustment. You can press F2 or right-click to select a date from the popup calendar.


Adjustment Comment

Enter a comment to be printed on patient statements.


IMPORTANT:   For reporting purposes, non-service charge adjustments are treated as if the adjustment date is the date of the payment, even if the adjustment date is different. In other words, a charge in January with a February adjustment is included only on reports for January.