Practice Preferences

Practice Preferences


This screen is where you set the preferences for this practice.




Enter the name of the practice. This name shows up on the practices list and is printed on patient statements.



Enter the practice's street address. You can enter multiple lines but no not put the city, state, and zip code here because they should be entered in their own fields and will print twice if entered here.



Enter the practice's address city.



Enter the practice's address state code.



Enter the practice's address short or long zip code.



Enter the practice's area code and telephone number.


Box 32 Default Facility

If you ordinarily see patients in one facility, you can select that facility here and it will be used as the default facility when you add new patients.


Fee Assignment

When the patient has no copayment amount entered, indicate how you would like to divide the service amount between amounts owed by the patient and amounts expected from insurance. When the patient does have a copayment, the copayment amount becomes the amount due from the patient and the balances is expected from insurance.


Payment Provider

When a payment is made and the service provider is different than the patient's principal provider, which of these providers should be credited with the income? Select a provider from the drop-list.


Increment Patient ID for new patients

Each patient has a unique patient ID or account number. A patient ID can contain numbers, letters, or other characters. This option lets you tell the program whether it should assign the next highest number when a you add a new patient. For this to work effectively, all of your patient IDs should be the same number of characters and in the same format. For example, all IDs could be five numerical digits followed by a dash and a letter. When the IDs are sorted alphabetically, Aeris would take the last one, increment the right-most letter or number. In our example, if the last ID was 12345-Z, the letter Z cannot be incremented so it would go to A. The dash would be ignored and the 5 would be incremented to 6.


Remember service information

If you regularly see a patient for the same procedure, enabling this option tells Aeris to save the service settings when the service is saved and use those options again when you add the next service for that patient.


Bank Name

This is the name of your bank. It will be printed on you bank deposit slip report.


Account Number

The account number is the entire account number line, in the special "MICR" font, printed at the bottom of your current deposit slips.This includes the bank routing number, your account number and any outlying numbers to the right. You can use spaces to position the various numbers so that they print in the appropriate locations on the report.


Account numbers use the digits 0-9 and four special characters. The letters A and C plus the hyphen and the open square bracket represent the special characters. As you enter the account number information, you will see it represented in the MICR font in the space just below your entry. Aeris installs this font for you during installation.


[Print Test] button

The Print Test button prints a sample deposit slip with test data. It may take a few seconds to begin printing so be patient and don't press the button multiple times.