Making a Patient Inactive

Making a Patient Inactive


If you are no longer seeing a patient, you can clean up the patient list by making the patient inactive. Doing this keeps all of the patient information in the program, it just hides it. To see inactive patients, use the Show inactives check box above the patient list.


To make a patient inactive, go to the Miscellaneous tab of a patient record and remove the check from the Patient is active check box.



If the patient has a zero balance for both the patient and insurance parts of their account, the patient is made inactive as soon as you click the OK button. However, if any transactions have a nonzero balance or if there is an outstanding patient balance, the program gives you a message indicating that fact and asking if you want to continue. Electing to continue tells the program to do whatever is necessary to make the balances zero. Generally, this means adding adjustments to transactions to force them to have a zero balance. You should only do this if you expect to never collect the outstanding debts.


If you decide to continue and add the necessary adjustments, the program asks you for the text of the statement comments and descriptive notes for all adjustments added.



You can still cancel at this point but if you want to go ahead, click the OK button.